Alchemy TRICOLOUR Twin 15W LED Security Spotlight

Publish Date: Monday, 30 March, 2020

The latest edition to the Alchemy product range is the twin 15w 2050 lumen LED TRICOLOUR spotlight with and without sensor. Both models comes with the unique quick connect mounting base: the quick connect system allows all the terminations to be done on the base and the light head simply pushes on and is fixed with the 3 screws on the front cover.

Another key installation feature on the sensor model is it uses a twin active wire terminal which allows the electrician to directly wire the manual override function. Therefore the spotlight can be put in manual override mode by just turning the light switch on opposed to the traditional way of turning the light switch on and off 3 times.

Other features include IP65 environmental protection on the non sensor model, 12m detection range and 180 degree angle on the sensor model.

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