Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500 Series PV Analyser I-V Curve Tracer

Publish Date: Friday, 24 May, 2024

Introducing the new Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500 Series PV Analyser I-V Curve Tracer.

Specifically designed for commercial and utility-scale solar installations, the Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500 Series accurately measures the current-voltage (I-V) curves of solar panels, providing detailed performance data for analyses to optimise the efficiency of the solar array. With various advanced features, including high throughput I-V curve tracing, it ensures quick and detailed performance data analysis without compromising accuracy.

It is also tailored to accommodate today's high-efficiency solar modules, ensuring compatibility with the latest advancements in the industry. Additionally, its user-friendly design and intuitive operation make it easy to operate.

    Key Features:
  • Measures and displays I-V curves up to 1500V and 30A, including on high efficiency modules
  • Advanced built-in PV model provides immediate PV performance checking
  • Sweep-to-sweep delay of 9 seconds to measure 3.5MW in < 1hr
  • Uninterrupted measurements even in hot environments
  • Automates data management, analysis, and reporting with included software
  • Database of more than 70,000 modules with automatic updates
  • Wireless interfaces for faster setup, safer work environment, and freedom of movement during PV troubleshooting
  • In-the-field firmware update ready

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