The Ferret Cable Pulling Tool

Publish Date: Tuesday, 26 March, 2024

Introducing the NEW Ferret Cable Pulling Tool.

The most durable and efficient cable feeder on the market.

Each end of The Ferret is made out of a high-performing polymer that is used in demanding industrial, power tool, sporting good and automotive applications.

Its body is made of durable fibreglass reinforced polymer, creating a component that is strong and rigid, yet flexible with low density.

The head of The Ferret has exceptional resilience, with flex fatigue resistance, reflective memory and spring-like properties. It is both impact and chemical resistant, and can withstand a wide temperature range, attesting to its versatile use.

The body is highly durable with low flexural modules which enable it to bend, and then return to its original state. This is one of the stand-out qualities that separates The Ferret from imitations.

The Ferret is a non-electrically conductive product. It’s both chemical and corrosion-resistant, and incredibly lightweight. It's a safe and highly effective staple for the kit!

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