The Compendium 9

HAND TOOLS Measuring Tapes, Long Measurement, Measuring Wheels, Squares & Rules Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty 166 @RepelecAU 1300 555 586 Measuring Tapes Eslon Non-Conductive Measuring Tape • Made of fibreglass reinforced plastic which has excellent non conductive performance • A compact case made of ABS resin with no metal on the surface ESZ3NGC 3.5m x 19mm - Yellow Each 1 6 Bahco Open Reel Steel Measuring Tapes • 13 mm steel blades • Heavy duty ABS frame • Steel guide rollers to enable smooth twist free re-winding • Shock-absorbing rubber bumpers BAHLT-STEEL-30 30m Open Reel Tape - Steel Blade Each 1 5 BAHLT-STEEL-50 50m Open Reel Tape - Steel Blade Each 1 5 Long Tapes STANLEY®Fatmax Long Tapes • High impact ABS case with rubber non slip grip, easy to read markings STA34-132 30m/100ft x 9.5mm, FATMAX® Long Steel Tape Each 1 6 STA34-138 30m x 9.5mm, FATMAX® Long Steel Tape Each 1 6 STA34-814 30m x 19mm, FATMAX® Long Fibreglass Tape Each 1 2 STA34-824 60m x 19mm, FATMAX® Long Fibreglass Tape Each 1 2 Lufkin Long Tapes HYF30M Tape Measure Long Steel Universal 30m x 10mm Each 1 1 Medalist Long Tape TES07452 30m/100" x 16mm Long Tape, Fibreglass Each 1 1 Laser Measurement & Stud Sensors STANLEY®Intellimeasure & Stud Sensors STA77-018 Intellimeasure - Measures Area & Volume Each 1 2 STASTHT77587-0 Stud Sensor S100 Each 1 4 STASTHT77588-0 Stud Sensor S150 Each 1 4 Measuring Wheels Bahco Measuring Wheels BAHMW150 Measuring Wheel, 150mm Diameter Adjustable Handle Each 1 4 BAHMW250 Measuring Wheel, 250mm Diameter Adjustable Handle with Strap Each 1 4 STANLEY®Measuring Wheel STA77-174 Measuring Wheel, MW-40M Each 1 6 Squares & Rules Bahco Square SAN9045250 Square, 250mm x 170mm Precision Each 1 6 STANLEY®Squares & Rules STA46-053 Square, 259mm x 174mm Quick Each 1 6 STA35-444 Rule, Folding, 1m Long Life Each 1 10 STA35-445 Rule, Folding, 1m/3" Long Life Each 1 10 BAHMW150 STA77-174 SAN9045250 HYF30M STA77-018 BAHLT-STEEL-30 ESZ3NGC STA34-132