The Compendium 9

Shovels & Handles Digging & Shifting Shovel - Round Mouth • Ideal for general digging work and shovelling • Suitable for digging, shifting and loading compact materials such as soil and sand CYC641336 Shovel Round Mouth Medium Long Handle Each 1 3 Plumber's Shovel • Ideal for digging drains, holes and general garden work • A narrow shovel for digging drains, laying pipe and general shifting and spreading CYC639906 Long Handle Wooden, 180mm x 290mm x 1460mm Each 1 3 Post Hole Shovels & Pincers • Ideal for digging post holes, drains, clearing and mixing work • General purpose shovel for digging and clearing deep, narrow pits, fencing and shallow trenches CYC640001 Long Handle Wooden, 195mm x 275mm x 1450mm Each 1 3 CYC640025 Powertool, Long Fibreglass, 195mm x 275mm x 1450mm Each 1 3 CYCA482110 Post Hole Pincer 120mm x 200mm x 1405mm Each 1 3 Post Hole Digger Trade • All steel construction with rubber grip • Four cutters cut at a distance of 12mm from the edge of the drum eliminating drag and improve operations • Four claws at the base of the drum assist with cutting and drawing of the digger/auger into the earth • Contains a tamper for compacting earth within the drum, allowing for easy removal of earth from inside the drum CYC655692 Post Hole Digger Trade 150mm Auger Each 1 1 Shifting Shovel - Square Mouth • Ideal for shovelling heavy soils and sands • General purpose shovel for shifting, loading and spreading heavy to light materials CYC641985 Short Wooden Dee Handle, 275mm x 330mm x 980mm Each 1 3 CYC643521 Concrete Shovel, 255mm x 300mm x 970mm Each 1 3 Trenching Shovel • Ideal for digging and clearing narrow trenches • Designed for narrow trenching of drainage, laying water and gas pipe, as well as cables CYC640216 Long Handle Wooden, 120mm x 285mm x 1460mm Each 1 3 Tamper • Fully forged steel head • Australian hardwood handle • Extra long 1400mm handle • Australian made • Ideal for tamping asphalt, gravel, stone, and dirt CYC604348 Tamper 254 x 254mm Long Timber Handle Each 1 2 Forged Scraper • Ideal for scraping outdoor surfaces, chopping roots and breaking up soil • Drop forged blade for superior strength • Sharpened edge for greater soil penetration • Strong FSC certified ash timber handle • Ideal for scraping outdoor surfaces, chopping roots and breaking up soil CYC640421 Forged Scraper Long Timber Handle Each 1 6 HAND TOOLS Shovels & Handles Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty 163 1300 555 586 @RepelecAU CYC641336 CYC639906 CYC640025 CYCA482110 CYC640216 CYC604348 CYC641985 CYC655692