The Compendium 9

Bolt Cutters Supercraft Bolt Cutters • Ergonomic soft grip handle for greater control and comfort • Chrome molybdenum steel for durability • Ideal for heavy duty metal cutting • Suitable for hard metals such as bolts, rods, wire, cutting reinforcing steel bar and mesh to size TBC0200 Cutter Bolt 200mm s/c Each 1 2 TBC0300 Cutter Bolt 300mm s/c Each 1 2 TBC0350 Cutter Bolt 350mm s/c Each 1 2 TBC0450 Cutter Bolt 450mm s/c Each 1 12 TBC0600 Cutter Bolt 600mm s/c Each 1 6 TBC0750 Cutter Bolt 750mm s/c Each 1 2 TBC0900 Cutter Bolt 900mm s/c Each 1 2 C311037 Cutter Bolt 1050mm s/c Each 1 2 Medalist Bolt Cutters TES08475 450mm, Cuts 8mm Mild Steel Rod Each 1 10 TES08476 600mm, Cuts 10mm Mild Steel Rod Each 1 10 TES08478 900mm, Cuts 16mm Mild Steel Rod Each 1 4 Cable & Power Cutters Cable Cutters RTCC60 Cuts up to 60mm2 Cable Each 1 10 RTCC240 Cuts up to 240mm2 Cable Each 1 10 0890CSJ Electrical Cable Cutter Each 1 3 CRCC38 Cable Cutter Ratcheting 32mm, Max Cable Cut 30.5mm Each 1 5 CC60 Cable Cutter, Shear Jaws, Cuts up to 60mm2 Cable Each 1 1 Sutton Light Duty Cutting Tools • Blades made from SUS 420J2 Japanese stainless steel with high hardness • Precision ground and heat hardened blades for lasting sharpness • Overmoulded ergonomic handles minimises fatigue and suits for left and right handed use • Suitable for both light and heavy duty cutting of wire, branch, dowel rod, rope, cord, cardboard and leather SUTM8020165 Light Duty Cable Cutter Each 1 1 SUTM8020190 Multi-Purpose Shears Each 1 1 Tolsen 1000 Volt Cable Shears TLS11825 Cable Shears, Insulated VDE 250mm Each 1 1 Bahco Power Cutter • Heavy duty cutter • High cutting capacity • Cuts nuts, bolts and rivets up to 6mm SAN1520G Cutter, Power 200mm Each 1 10 Conduit & Basket Cutters Repelec Conduit Cutters CCS25 Cuts up to 25mm Diameter Plastic Each 1 10 CCS25/B 25mm Blade to Suit CCS25 Each 1 10 CCS42 Cuts up to 42mm Diameter Plastic Each 1 10 CCS42/B 42mm Blade to Suit CCS42 Each 1 10 HAND TOOLS Bolt, Cable, Power, Conduit & Basket Cutters Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty TES08475 TBC0200 C311037 RTCC240 SUTM8020190 TLS11825 SAN1520G 146 @RepelecAU 1300 555 586 CCS25