The Compendium 9

FASTENERS & FIXINGS Multi-Use Screws, Screw Kit & Plasterboard Screws 12 Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty Multi-Use Screws Repelec Button Head, Drill Point – Phillips Drive Cont' • Yellow zinc finish for internal use • For general fixing into metal where a broad flat head is required Boxes BTS812/B 8G x 12mm Length Box 1000 6 BTS825/B 8G x 25mm Length Box 1000 6 BTS832/B 8G x 32mm Length Box 1000 6 Repelec Wafer Head, Drill Point – Phillips Drive • Yellow zinc finish for internal use • For general fixing into metal where a low profile head is required Hang Packs WTS1022 10G x 22mm Length Bag 100 10 WTS1030 10G x 30mm Length Bag 100 5 WTS1040 10G x 40mm Length Bag 100 5 Jar Packs WTS1022J 10G x 22mm Length Jar 400 6 WTS1030J 10G x 30mm Length Jar 250 6 WTS1040J 10G x 40mm Length Jar 140 6 Pails with Handle WTS1022P 10G x 22mm Length Pail 1000 6 WTS1030P 10G x 30mm Length Pail 1000 6 WTS1040P 10G x 40mm Length Pail 1000 6 Boxes WTS1022/B 10G x 22mm Length Box 1000 6 WTS1030/B 10G x 30mm Length Box 500 6 WTS1040/B 10G x 40mm Length Box 500 6 Screw Kit • Best selling self drilling screws sold in a reusable plastic box • Contains 950 screws - bugle, button, pan & washer head SCREWKIT Mixed Sizes of Bugle, Button, Pan & Washer Head Screws Pack 1 4 Plasterboard Screws Screws Plasterboard Bugle Head Coarse Thread • Yellow zinc finish for internal use • For fixing plasterboard to timber or light gauge steel framing Buildex Boxes BUI624100019 Screws Drywall Bugle Fine 6G x 25mm Box 1000 8 Buildex Treated Pine Screws • Climacoat finish • Countersunk ribbed heads BUI624101102CC 10G x 65mm CL3 Box 1000 5 BUI624101091CC 10G x 75mm CL3 Box 1000 5 @RepelecAU 1300 555 586 SCREWKIT WTS1022/B BUI624101102CC WTS1022 WTS1022J WTS1022P WTS1022 PLASTERBOARD SCREWS