The Compendium 9

ADHESIVES, CHEMICALS, SPRAYS & FLASHINGS Degreasers, Smoke Tester & Sprays Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty 117 1300 555 586 @RepelecAU WD21101 WD21116 WD21125 WD61002 CRC2105 CRCSW-23 CRC5083 CRC5071 Sprays CRC Degreasers Cont’ CRC5071 CRC Bio Degreaser 5ltr Each 1 4 CRC5072 CRC Bio Degreaser 20ltr Each 1 1 CRC Brakleen CRC5083 Non-Flammable Brakleen 20ltr Each 1 1 CRC5084 Brakleen Non-Chlorinated 400g Each 1 6 CRC5086 Brakleen Force 20ltr Each 1 1 CRC5089 Brakleen 500g Each 1 6 CRC5091 Brakleen 20ltr Each 1 1 CRC Parts Washers CRCSW-23 SmartWasher Mobile Parts Washer (SW-23) Each 1 1 CRCSW-28 SuperSink Parts Washer (SW-28) Each 1 1 CRCSW-37 Mobile Heavyweight Parts Washer (SW-37) Each 1 1 CRCFL-4 Smartwasher Filter Mat Each 3 1 CRC Smoke Test • CRC Smoke Test tests the functional ability of smoke detectors • 1.2m range, can be sprayed from floor, eliminating climbing on ladders CRC2105 Smoke Test, 71g Each 1 12 WD40 Lubricants & Spray Chemicals • WD-40 breaks through rust and corrosion • Lubricates for smooth action and stops squeaks • Penetrates and cleans without disassembly • Lubricates and protects industrial equipment • Displaces moisture to help start wet engines WD61002 WD40, 255g Spray Each 1 6 WD62005 WD40, 300g Low Odour Spray Each 1 12 WD61004 WD40, 425g Spray Each 1 12 WD61009 WD40, 350g Smart Straw Aerosol Each 1 12 WD61664 WD40, 425gm Spray Twin Trade Pack Pack 2 6 WD62107 WD40, 4 Litre Bulk Liquid - Non DG Pack 1 4 WD21001 WD40, High Performance Silicone Lubricant, 300g/451ml Each 1 6 WD21102 WD40, Specialist High Performance White Lithium Grease, 300g Each 1 6 WD21103 WD40, Specialist Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser, 400g Each 1 6 WD21005 WD40, Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant, 150g/219ml Each 1 6 WD21004 WD40, Fast Drying Contact Cleaner, 290g/418ml Each 1 6 WD21112 WD40, Specialist Fast Release Penetrant 300g Smart Straw Each 1 6 WD21116 WD40, Specialist Brake & Parts Cleaner 300g Each 1 6 WD21121 WD40, Specialist Rust Prevention Lanolin Lubricant, 300g Each 1 6 WD21124 WD40, Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant 300g Smart Straw Each 1 6 WD21125 WD40, Air Duster 350g Each 1 6 Originally designed by the Chemical Rocket company in 1953, it took scientists 40 formulations to perfect this unique water displacement technology. The WD-40 multi-use product cleans, protects, lubricates, penetrates & drives out moisture. It cleans & protects metals & alloys and it lubricates just about anything. It penetrates nuts & bolts drives out moisture from spark plugs. WD-40 is proudly made in Australia for Australians & comes in a variety of sizes to suit your application needs. WD40 Lubricants & Spray Chemicals