The Compendium 9

ADHESIVES, CHEMICALS, SPRAYS & FLASHINGS Sprays 115 1300 555 586 @RepelecAU Sprays CRC 5-56 • 5-56 is a multi-purpose penetrant, lubricant, water dispersant and rust preventative • Recommended for penetrating rust and corrosion, freeing components bonded by dirt & scale, preventative maintenance programs, as an environmental shield eliminating breakdowns due to poor environmental exposure, such as high humidity/salt air, for lubrication of contacts CRC5028 5-56, 175g Aerosol Each 1 6 CRC5005 5-56, 400g Aerosol Each 1 6 CRC5006 5-56, 1 Litre Each 1 6 CRC5009 5-56, 20 Litre Each 1 1 CRC5003 5-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant 500ml Each 1 6 CRC5004 5-56 Multi-Purpose Lubricant 4ltr Each 1 4 CRC Zinc-It / Bright Zinc / Black Zinc • CRC ZINC IT is a single component zinc rich compound with a special epoxy binder and contains 93% of the highest purity zinc in the dried film, to give galvanic rust prevention • Long term protection to steel because of cathodic action. Metallic zinc coating is universally accepted as the best method of rust prevention • Flexible continuous protective film • Does not contain lead • Excellent weldability CRC2085 Zinc-It, 350g Aerosol Each 1 6 CRC2087 Bright Zinc, 350g Aerosol Each 1 6 CRC2089 Black Zinc, 300g Each 1 6 CRC Di-Electric Grease • Seals, lubricates, waterproofs & insulates electrical connections with a thin, non-curing silicone compound that helps maintain electrical performance by reducing line sag, arcing, voltage drops & problems caused by adverse weather conditions CRC5107 Di-Electric Grease, 8g Bulb & Connector Each 1 12 CRC5109 Di-Electric Grease, 14.2g Tube, Precision Tip Applicator Each 1 12 CRCFG03085 Di-Electric Grease, 94g Food Grade Each 1 12 CRCFG03082 Di-Electric Grease, 284g Aerosol Food Grade Each 1 12 CRC Lanoshield / Penetr8 • Eases the disassembly of plant machinery, tools and equipment for routine maintenance and emergency repairs • CRC Penetr8 is an industrial strength, low viscosity lubricant & penetrant designed to quickly loosen and free seized, bound or frozen fasteners. Eases the disassembly of plant machinery, tools and equipment for routine maintenance and emergency repairs CRC3150 Lanoshield, 350g Aerosol Each 1 6 CRC5501 Penetr8 High Speed Penetrant, 400g Each 1 6 CRC5509 Penetr8 High Speed Penetrant 20L Each 1 1 CRC Silicone Sprays • CRC Silicone is a non-corrosive formula for lubricating, waterproofing and to protect rubber, plastic, metal, nylon and wood, also for restoring, protecting and preserving rubber CRCFG03040 Food Grade Silicone 284g Each 1 12 CRC3055 808 Silicone 330g Each 1 6 CRC5074 Automotive Silicone 300g Each 1 6 CRC2094 Electrical Quality Silicone, 300g Each 1 6 CRC3030 Extreme Duty Silicone Lubricant, High Performance, 300g Each 1 6 Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty CRC2085 CRC2087 CRC3150 CRC5107 CRC5005 CRC5074 CRC2094 CRCFG03040