The Compendium 9

LOC51007 DEKTSC175 DEKTS150 LOCFAR ADHESIVES, CHEMICALS, SPRAYS & FLASHINGS Anti-Seize & Sealants 112 @RepelecAU 1300 555 586 Loctite® Anti-Seize • Release seized parts • Lubricate to prevent seizing • Brush or aero applications LOCFAR Loctite® Freeze & Releases Seized/Corroded Parts, 310g Aerosol Each 1 12 LOC51007 Loctite® Anti Seize, Copper Grease 435g Tub, Brush Top Each 1 12 LOC76769 Loctite® Anti Seize Lubricant Silver Grade 500g, Brush Top Each 1 6 LOC944870 Loctite® Anti-Seize Silver 20g Each 1 10 LOC76756-340 Loctite® Anti Seize Lubricant Silver Grade, 340g Aerosol Each 1 12 DEKS Thread Sealing Cord • Works on water & gas • Strong & durable • Unlimited shelf life • Lubricant included • Fast and easy • 100% PTFE DEKTSC175 DEKS Thread Sealing Cord - 175m Each 1 20 DEKS Liquid Thread Sealant • High strength anaerobic adhesive • For sealing metal threaded pipes/fittings • Resistant to oils, solvents, gases and most chemicals • Easy pump application • Fast and easy • Strong & durable • Approvals for gas, water & many other applications, innovative package to ensure no waste DEKTS50 DEKS Liquid Thread Sealant - 50ml Each 1 20 DEKTS150 DEKS Liquid Thread Sealant - 150ml Refill Each 1 10 CRC Anti-Seize • CRC Copper Anti-Seize and Lubricating Compound is a general purpose Anti-Seize lubricant that prevents seizing and galling caused by high temperatures, heavy loads, vibration and corrosion • CRC Nickel Anti-Seize and Lubricating Compound is a nickel-based formulation for all metals, especially stainless steel. High temp, free of copper, lead, sulphides and chlorides CRC3145 Copper Anti-Seize 75ml Tube Each 1 12 CRC3183 Copper Anti-Seize 500ml Can Each 1 6 CRC3195 Copper Anti-Seize 400ml Aerosol Each 1 6 CRC3147 Nickel Anti-Seize 75ml Tube Each 1 12 CRC3193 Nickel Anti-Seize 500ml Can Each 1 6 CRC3197 Nickel Anti-Seize 400ml Aerosol Each 1 6 Chemtools Anti-Seize • Chemtools Anti-Seize protects against extreme temperature seizing and corrosion • Allows for easy disassembly of parts and equipment requiring frequent dismantling for maintenance • Resistant to most chemicals, salt water and exposure to the elements • Resists galling and minimises corrosion on threaded parts • Its advanced formula is non-hardening and non-dripping, and will remain homogenous during storage CHCT-R28-75T Nickel Anti-Seize 75g Tube Each 6 6 CHCT-R28-250BT Nickel Anti-Seize 250g Brush Top Each 6 6 CHCT-R28-500BT Nickel Anti-Seize 500g Brush Top Each 6 6 Part No. Description UOM Pack Qty Ctn Qty CRC3183 CRC3145 CHCT-R28-250BT CHCT-R28-75T